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We are now enjoying the holidays. Ty has made the basketball team. We are so proud of him. Tayleigh was in a play last night and she did great. Allie has officially taken steps and getting around quite well. Tanner is turning into a little man. We got our Xmas pictures done this past Sunday. Cant wait to pick up their Xmas cards. We have started finishing the basement. Oh what a job! Thanks to my daddy and my hubby! The kids get out of school next week and I cant wait! I love having them at home, sometimes I wish I would have chosen to home-school them. Then I think about it and it would be too much.

Wednesday The girls got their ears pierced. We went early in the morning so there wouldnt be a crowd. So the only girl that was working was feeling overwhelmed since everyone was stopping and making their comments. She had to re-pierce Maggies ears on both sides then Hartley on one side. I said that is enough, I will do it. So the lady working held the babies and I pierced their ears. So I paid 49.95 a girl for me to pierce their ears. I said what how much is it? Like 214.00 later, they look really cute! I thought long and hard about getting eastons done. Bill would have died but I think it would be so funny! But I decided against it.

Yesterday I worked really hard to have a good meal. I made ribs with Kelseys help, broccoli that was over cooked so broccoli casserole, cheesy bread, corn on the cob, and banana cake. Its really hard to make a nice meal. It take time that I just don’t have. The babies loved it. But when I went to get them up this morning two of the five threw up in their beds and it was everywhere. I dont think I will be able to eat ribs again. I have never seen such a mess. They must have picked it up and thrown it in their siblings beds. When I was walking up they were cracking up laughing now I know why. Lets see how gross I can make this for mom to clean up.

Tayleigh had to get a mouth guard to help her stop sucking her thumb. She really had a hard time with it the first night. But I am proud of her, she is doing a great job. Her front two teeth are loose. We are wondering if she will lose them before christmas.


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Hard to even talk about!

I cant believe I am even going to talk about this but I want to be able to look back and see how far our family as grown and tell everyone see we did it!

About a month ago I called Bill at work and said I made an appointment for a life coach that we have used in the past just a couple of times. We haven’t seen him in about 4 years. We went to him to talk about how to deal emotionally with the health issues with Tanner. At one point we were told he has leukemia (which he didn’t they got the test results mixed up with another child that did have it) Then he had a blood disorder if he started to bleed he wouldn’t stop. Bill was kind of confused when I told him that. He said I thought we were doing good. We are honey but I think it would be good to be able to talk to someone like once a month just to get the stress out into the open and hopefully prevent us having any issues. It is very easy for us to grow apart. Its like a 90 percent divorce rate with parents that have special needs. Its like 5 percent divorce rate with parents of multiples. So we only have 5 percent to even make it! LOL

So we had a nice family that has helped us out alot of the past year watch all the kids for us to be able to go. We get there fill out paperwork and then sit down. He asked why are you here. I answered quickly and gave him what our lives have been like and what we have gone thru the past year. I started crying ( I am a very emotionally person) and saying I just want to give everything what they need! The life coach replied and said I hate to say this but you need to give the quints up for adoption. Bill replied  that is not an option. Lifecoach responded its not what you want but what is best for all your children. You possible cant give each child what you need. It just plain and simple number wise. I was balling at this point, thinking about what we have over come in the past year. Lifecoach said I worked for the state and there are alot of people that would love to have kids. There are different programs out there, you could even pick out the parents and still have a relationship with them. If you don’t your family will crash and burn. She will end up being in a mentally institution, not one person can take care of 8 kids  while you are at work. At this point I am surprised that Bill hasn’t hit this guy in his mouth. I replied I cant give these babies up. What message is this to the older kids. He responded the older kids would understand and the quints when they got older would respect me for wanting more for them. He said OK you cant give them up, we will look at another option but just have in the back of your mind it probably wont work and you will need to think about giving them up.  We walked out and I just lost it. Someone thinks that I am not doing a good job. This made me question myself as a parent. Bill got so mad at me why would you let this guy that has never been around our family get you upset. As a woman this is hard to hear about your family that I have worked so hard for! This bothered me for a couple of weeks but now I know I am doing the best thing for our family and that’s all I can do! I will not give up my children and I will work as hard as I can and do the best job that I can possibly do!

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Halloween Pic

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Our lives has changed

It has been since the beginning of Aug since I have made our last post. We have gone thru so much. It has been so overwhelming I haven’t even been able to post. Crazy but once its done we will be so happy!

We bought a house! Hooray! We have a contract on our house! Hooray!

During the first week we moved Bill totalled his car, we were broke into, our new refrig never showed, our new dishwasher was broke, our air conditioning went out, and so much more. For example when my husband hooked up the washer and dryer and then left. Then I came back into the laundry room to see water everywhere. It flooded the basement. Our car was broken into. We just got a TV for the car, to hopefully stop the screaming and it was stolen. The kids changed schools and hasn’t been an easy move. Then I found out the bus comes to pick up the kids at 6:50 in the morning. Who in there right mind gets kids on the bus that early. There is no way to get all the kids ready in the morning to drive them!

Overall now its starting to calm down. We still are not unpacked. I think the kids will be 30 yrs old before everything is unpacked. We are now starting to clean the basement so we can finish it.

About the house: 4 bedrooms (the quints is a bonus room) 2 bath and a full sized basement. The upstairs is about 2100 sq ft and the basement is 1800. We are putting 2 bedrooms downstairs, an office, bathroom, playroom, and a living area. We now live in the Sellersburg area. We love the area! The kids have met some of the kids, but I really want them to form some close friends! Not just friends, ones  they will remember forever! Like Kenzy!

Halloween is coming in just a few days. The kids love getting dressed up. Tate is a witch but a cute one (in a tutu) Tanner is Shrek (my dad is donkey too funny) Ty is a scary man (this is the first time I have let them dress up as something mean), and the babies are barnyard animals. You will have to see pics of us dressed up. Its a secret!

We just finish football! Tate loved cheering for him and he enjoyed playing but I am glad its over. Since we moved it was to get them there 3 days a week plus games. The last couple of weeks they didnt make to each practice. But he played on the cardinal team. Which is wonderful for me. My whole family is huge cardinal fans except my husband. He is a UofK fan but he will root for uofl as long as they arent playing together. I even bought him a uofl outfit and since Tanner begged him to wear it , he put it on! I had to take a pic of it, I might not ever see him wear it again.

Here is some updated pics! Hope you enjoy

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August 8 is the big day. One year ago my babies entered the world not knowing what to expect in the weeks to come. Without your love, support, and dedication, the quints’ first year would not have been possible. We appreciate you being a part of our lives and making us a complete family. Please help us celebrate this special day. We request only your attendance In saying this, I am attaching their invitation to their birthday party. I want each and everyone of you to attend. Please. This is a celebration event. We want to thank everyone!  We are not asking for presents just your attendance.

Directions to Nolan Fieldhouse

65 N towards Indianapolis. Take Exit 7, IN-60, towards
Salem. Turn ight onto IN-60. Take a left onto US-31. Take the 2nd right onto Industrial Blvd. Turn right onto Progress Way.
Directions to 5010 Progress Way, Nolan Fieldhouse

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OK I had to add this tonight before I go to bed. Tate had cheer tonight at 6:30 to 8:30. It was sooo hot out. Tate hates sweating. Put it this away we tried teeball. When she hit the ball she walked to the bases. I asked her why arent you running. She said she didnt want to sweat and she didnt want anyone to see her sweat.

Anyways. so they were doing some cheers and running. At like 8:00 she came to get a drink and was picking her underwear out of her butt. I said Tate stop that gross and everyone can see you. She asked will you check my pants. I said for what. She said I dont know if I am sweat that much or I just pooped myself. Officially if you sweat so much you think you pooped yourself, you should not be outside. LOL

I hope I dont forget little things like that

Tanner watched Rosie sign Love Story by Taylor Swift and he was grinning. Like she knows my language. So excited! He even signed with her on the ones he knew! He asked for Lover Lover. (that is the song that he loves) He loves that song so much that was his first word. Then his second word was Louisville. NOT mommy or daddy.  So Rosie you better know it by next Monday.

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