Hubby visited for lunch

My hubby made my day! He came up here without even telling me at lunch. It always feels good when my hubby shows up surprisingly. So we sat around and talked for about 30 minutes without any kids. This does NOT happen very often. Then he took me to the cafeteria for lunch. I have not left my hallway so this felt awesome. Like a bird let free. The cafeteria has a place to eat outside. My day just gets better and better. I havent been outside in almost a week. It felt so nice outside. I didn’t want to go back to my room.

Then after dinner hubby brought my kids up here. This day was awesome! I am smiling ear to ear!


About quintsofkentuckiana

Hello and Welcome to the Kessinger-Clark Family! My name is Christy and my wonderful husbands name is Bill. We currently have three children. Ty is 9 yrs old, Tayleigh is 5 yrs old, and Tanner is 2 yrs old. Tanner has Down Syndrome but is the light of our family! My husband works as a IT network administrator and I quit working as a HR Manager when Tanner was 6 months old due to him being the hospital so many times. We decided to have just one more child but found out we are expecting QUINTUPLETS. No we did not do invetro or see an RE doctor. I had my IUD taken out, took some medication that was herbal and over the counter, and medicine for enlarged ovaries. But the medication was at the lowest doseage. Now we are trying to figure out how we are going to manage such a large family!
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5 Responses to Hubby visited for lunch

  1. Linda Blackburn says:


  2. Sarah says:

    YEAH! Glad you had a wonderful day! Still praying for you all 🙂

  3. rcaldwell420 says:

    I’m so glad to hear you stayed even thought I’m sure it just sucks being there! Missing your kids and being away has to be the hardest thing ever! I want you to know I think you made the best choice. It’s so nice to hear you had some quality time with your DH! Those days will be numbered from here on out LOL. I know I have a max of 2 1/2 months before these babies will be here and I know you have even less time and it all makes my head spin! Keep posting, I enjoy reading and hearing how your doing! Hugs, Rebecca

  4. abrown925 says:

    How wonderful! Your husband is a thoughtful, selfless man 🙂

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