Today my and hands and feet started swelling. My feet are nice and plump and my finger have rolls on them. I have never had swelling before today. I hoping that the swelling goes away before I get kankles (fat ankles)!


About quintsofkentuckiana

Hello and Welcome to the Kessinger-Clark Family! My name is Christy and my wonderful husbands name is Bill. We currently have three children. Ty is 9 yrs old, Tayleigh is 5 yrs old, and Tanner is 2 yrs old. Tanner has Down Syndrome but is the light of our family! My husband works as a IT network administrator and I quit working as a HR Manager when Tanner was 6 months old due to him being the hospital so many times. We decided to have just one more child but found out we are expecting QUINTUPLETS. No we did not do invetro or see an RE doctor. I had my IUD taken out, took some medication that was herbal and over the counter, and medicine for enlarged ovaries. But the medication was at the lowest doseage. Now we are trying to figure out how we are going to manage such a large family!
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4 Responses to Swelling

  1. Linda Blackburn says:

    Funny! Never heard of kankles! But seriously, I hope your swelling goes down and you are as comfortable as can be in your situation. A lot of people are praying for you!

  2. Gwen Alkhoury says:

    Yikes!!!! I so hope you don’t get preeclamsia. I started getting the swelling. and did a 24 hour pee test. When they got the results (not good) I had to go straight to the hospital. The next morning they did an anmio to check the lungs and I had my girls that night. Keep us updated. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is just normal pregnancy swelling. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. It’s counter-intuitive but is supposed to help. Besides it is always good to drink lots of water with multiples. Your body is always filtering lots of amniotic fluid.

    Those babies do get heavy towards the end. I had to use my hands to help support my tummy when I moved from side to side. If I got caught on my back, I felt like a turtle. Towards the end, the only way comfortable for me sleep was laying on the couch propped up with pillows.

    Hang in there mama, week 27 tomorrow!!!!! For you that is probably beyond 40 weeks compared to a singleton pregnancy. You are doing great and you are going to have five beautiful healthy babies.

  3. Hope the swelling goes done, I can’t even imagine how you feel right now. Praying that everything continues to go amazingly.

  4. mom says:

    Bless your heart! I know it is so uncomfortable, but try to hang in there sweetie! You know we love you!

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