Late to Post

Yesterday I had so much company that I didnt get a chance to post! I was so tired by the end of the day. I am so sorry! I passed my 3 hour test with flying colors! My numbers were 94, 88, and 82. the normal range goes to 140.  I was so excited. No more pricking. I had a few people say why did you get pricked 12 times a day. It was because they want me to eat 3 meal and 3 snacks. Then they would test be before each and one hour after! But not any more.

Then today I spent a lot of time in the ultrasound room. Today they did measurement and BPP (bio profile pic). I actually just finished getting all the measurements.

Baby A   2lb  10ounces

Baby B   3lbs  6ounces

Baby C   2 lbs  11ounces

Baby D   2lbs  12ounces

Baby E   2 lbs 11 ounces

With the BPP everyone scored a 8/8 which perfect. They warned me with having so many I probably wouldnt score very high. HAHA they score PREFECT! My cervix is still a 2.23.

Guess what, I received my steroid shot today! I should receive my next shot tomorrow. This is just going to mature the babies even more. Well I guess I am out of good news.


About quintsofkentuckiana

Hello and Welcome to the Kessinger-Clark Family! My name is Christy and my wonderful husbands name is Bill. We currently have three children. Ty is 9 yrs old, Tayleigh is 5 yrs old, and Tanner is 2 yrs old. Tanner has Down Syndrome but is the light of our family! My husband works as a IT network administrator and I quit working as a HR Manager when Tanner was 6 months old due to him being the hospital so many times. We decided to have just one more child but found out we are expecting QUINTUPLETS. No we did not do invetro or see an RE doctor. I had my IUD taken out, took some medication that was herbal and over the counter, and medicine for enlarged ovaries. But the medication was at the lowest doseage. Now we are trying to figure out how we are going to manage such a large family!
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8 Responses to Late to Post

  1. Nina says:

    Sounds like you aced your test! Babies weights seem fantastic. I am praying for smooth sailing for the rest of the pregnancy and delivery 🙂

  2. abrown925 says:

    You are defying all the odds!! I pray the good news continues to come and those babies stay in there just as long as they need to. Congratulations!!

  3. Suzie says:

    wow those baby weights are phenomenal!! It must be a tight squeeze in there!

  4. Gwen Alkhoury says:

    Congratulations! You are doing so great. Keep a cooking. They are going to be big and beautiful babies.

  5. Tina Sample says:

    This is wonderful news! I was thrilled to see the weights of each baby! Keep it up, girl!

  6. Joyce and Jerry Whalin says:

    Everything sounds great! Getting closer and closer…

    Love, Joyce and Jerry

  7. Cassidy says:

    1 set born saturday in Houston, 1 set born tuesday, sadly at 24w3d in Ohio
    you’re the next !
    congrats for your 28 weeks, good milestone

  8. Debbie Weber says:

    So happy to hear about the babies weights and that the glucose tests went well! Sorry you had a tough day today, but will hope tomorrow is better. Please get all the rest you can and take good care of yourself. Let me hear from you if I can do anything to help out.
    Debbie Weber

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