Long Weekend!

This past weekend we got a call about someone wanting to see our house Sat at noon. So we worked all night friday and all morning getting it ready. I keep telling myself we are going to keep our house in show mode but I just cant seem to do it. Everytime I turn around something is messed up. They like our house and want to come back. But we havent heard back so I dont know.  Sunday the babies went to get their pictures taken. I think everytime we go for pictures we end up argueing and it becoming a disaster. Is pictures really worth everyone  in the family upset and ruining the whole day. I dont know. Easton screamed most the whole time. (what is new)  Tanner was running off. Tayleigh trying to get into every picture.It was so humid sweat was dripping off me. I had sweating like that. Its just nasty. Monday we went to the pool. This was fun! As we were walking in everyone turned their heads and was watching us make our way to a table with chairs. I was scared the babies would scream since the water was freezing. This was the first year with Tanner walking so I didnt know how he would do. When we put the babies in the pool, they loved it!!! Hartley was just laying back and loved the sun on her. Ella hated when she was splashed. Allie didnt want to fall asleep in the float. Easton just wanted to sleep. Maggie was having a blast eating the float! Overall it was a success! My dad called all 5 floats a floating trailor park. Which was hilarious! Tayleigh and Tanner was just swimming all over the place.

We should get the pictures back soon, cant wait!



About quintsofkentuckiana

Hello and Welcome to the Kessinger-Clark Family! My name is Christy and my wonderful husbands name is Bill. We currently have three children. Ty is 9 yrs old, Tayleigh is 5 yrs old, and Tanner is 2 yrs old. Tanner has Down Syndrome but is the light of our family! My husband works as a IT network administrator and I quit working as a HR Manager when Tanner was 6 months old due to him being the hospital so many times. We decided to have just one more child but found out we are expecting QUINTUPLETS. No we did not do invetro or see an RE doctor. I had my IUD taken out, took some medication that was herbal and over the counter, and medicine for enlarged ovaries. But the medication was at the lowest doseage. Now we are trying to figure out how we are going to manage such a large family!
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