If you would like to help

I am starting this page because we have had a lot of inquires about how people can help. (volunteering, hand me downs, and etc) All the helping gestures and donations is a relief. We are doing great on clothes so I think we will stop taking any handmedowns right now.

Do not feel like you have to buy me anything but if you feel moved or blessed and just want to give back we would appreciate any thoughts or gestures.

If you would like to donate Clark County Government started a fund at PNC bank called “The Clark 5 fund”


26 Responses to If you would like to help

  1. Stacy says:

    Congratulations! This has to be such an exciting yet scary time in your lives. I would love to help your family by purchasing diapers, formula or any other baby items that you may need.

  2. Deanna says:

    Hey Christy!
    Remember me, your old UPS mentor? I noticed that I haven’t seen you in church in a while but only today found out why! Congratulations!!! God must really trust you two. I’ll be happy to help out any way I can.

    • Yes I remember you! I told Pat that I knew who you were but I didnt know if you would remember me. Thank you! I hope you are doing well! It is good to hear from you and keep in contact!

  3. Thank you! I greatly appreciate everything! Prayers are the best thing for our family! I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers while you try to conceive. Please keep in contact!

  4. Malinda says:

    I like to crochet blankets & donate them .would like to send them if i could get an address.

  5. Jessica Broy says:

    I don’t know if it’s still there, but there was a Club Wagon van for sale on Blackiston Mill Rd, in the back of the dry cleaners parking lot (close to the road). I don’t think it’s a 15 passenger, maybe 12? But your hubby might want to swing by and take a look.

  6. Tim and Judy Sharp says:

    We are so happy you’re still hanging in there. We were gone all weekend to Cincinnati with family. We will try our best to get over to see you. Love ya alot.

  7. Matt & Lorie says:

    Instructions for donations to “The Clark Five Fund” at PNC bank:

    “The Clark Five Fund” at PNC bank is taking monetary donations for Billy and Christy. Either stop in and tell them it is for the “Clark Five Fund” or simply mail it to the Jeffersonville branch at 405 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, IN 47130. Make sure to clearly mark on the front of the envelope “The Clark Five Fund” as they may not know where to apply it if not.

    Love you guys,

    Matt & Lorie

  8. Donna Smith says:

    First of all let me say that God is at work not only in blessing you with these babies, but also in showing us that we need to help.
    Several weeks ago, a woman showed up at our yard sale asking if she could take one of the two free boxes we had….now as you know the free boxes aren’t usually filled with the most wonderful treasures, but she took it anyway. Her explanation was that she knew of a family that was struggling. Then she started to tell us your story. As my youngest daughter and I were packing up all of the clothes/misc. items that didn’t sell , we decided that instead of trying to consign them or have yet another yard sale, we would donate them all to you and your family. My granddaughter Genesis always had more than she needed ! We would like to bring these items to you, but are not sure that you would be comfortable allowing us to do that. Please email me at the address above and i will send you my home number so that we might make arrangements to get these things to you and your family.
    God Bless,

  9. Tiffany Brown says:

    Christie, congratulations on the quints. They are so precious and such a wonderful blessing.

  10. Tonya St Clair says:

    OMG is saw the news today and had to get on here. This is such wonderful news! We just had a baby boy five months ago, so I will save everything. We have a swing you can have if yoiu still need one and lots of clothes. Will keep them all for you! Take care of your self and sleep when they sleep your gonna need it! Take Care, Tonya

  11. Linda says:

    Hi Christy, you do not know me but I just found out about your wonderful babies on the news tonight. I have been sitting here reading your blog from the beginning, it is now 2am. I cannot believe the rude comments that the one person had to say, please don’t even think about such comments. I know that you do not know me but I would love to help with feeding, changing, bathing the new ones or reading, helping with the older children. You can e-mail me with any questions. I will pray for all of you, you must be wonderful people for God to have blessed you so.

  12. Kelley Jacquay says:

    Wow! Congratulations. You babies are adorable. I hope they continue to progress quickly so they can come home soon. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you and your family. We’ll keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Joey’s mom (Kelley) and family.

  13. Tami says:

    My name is Tami and I heard about your wonderful blessings from your mom-in-law from a bow group online.
    I want to donate diapers from time to time but the Target gift registry says they are in-store only.
    When you get a chance maybe you could help me with this! I can’t do much but a little from alot of people adds up!

    God Bless all of you!

  14. Brooke says:

    How Cool! I was checking the cincinnati.com news and saw this! I have identical twin boys that are 3 now and I live in cincinnati. I saved alot of clothes for my sister who just found out she is having a girl so I have 2 big trashbags full (and more) of nice baby clothes. If you have anyone you know in Cincinnati who wants to pick it up you are welcome to it – I won’t be in the able to drive it though

  15. jennifer kuchenbrod says:

    Congrats on the deliveries!!!! Just wanted you to know our church is still praying for you all and are rejoicing that you and the babies are doing so well. I will follow up with you on a later date for the shower with our church. My husband said we will baby sit for you all sometime…all 8 of them if you want!- Jenn

  16. I would like to donate a photosession for your quints once they get home! Just go through my website and we can get something scheduled for your crew!

  17. Lynn Coulter says:

    The Clark 5 Fund? Can that be donated to thru the internet or have to go in the bank? This is Jenn’s friend you met on the 25th.

  18. Michael R says:

    After inquiring about how to give $s and get the word out I contacted the bank so if you are looking to contribute to this wonderful family we have dedicated web page which includes how to give $ donations: http://allcommunicate.com/default.asp?q_areaprimaryid=3&q_areasecondaryid=39

    We are continually seeking possible contributors of items and cash for the family as well. Let us show this family that this community can support our own. Our daily prayers are with you Christy & Bill.

  19. Andrea says:

    Hi Christy, You don’t know me but I linked to your blog through ivillage. I had twins in June at 31 weeks. I read through your whole story and I know how hard the NICU is and you are truly an amazing woman! I wanted to give the babies something they could enjoy so I went on to the targer website and sent you a Tiny Love Tummy Time Play Mat – Lady Bug. My daughter and son loved it and I hope that yours enjoy it also. Good Luck with everything! God Bless!

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