We have a stander

I was getting out of the shower and my husband yelled “Christy come here fast” So I ran in thinking was really wrong. Then I saw Allie standing in her crib and then drop down and held her hands out to hold her. It brought tears to my eyes. I cant believe the babies are so big.

OK I was debating if I should post this but I am. We went to the pool and as all of us were in line, I had a lady with two boys says all those all yours. I said yes. She stated that is a nightmare. I was so shocked. Then she shook her head and said it again. As she was walking away I said to two of my friends she really just called my babies a nightmare. She over heard me and said what i meant was that many kids is a nightmare. Are you serious it is the same thing. Kids a nightmare. Ty and Tayleigh asked why do people think our family is a nightmare and why do people say mean things to us. I had to explain we are just a unique family that attracts attention bad and good.

All the babies are crawling! Our house still hasnt sold. I am getting so bummed.

Ty started football practice last week and Tayleigh starts cheer this week. She actually cheers for his team. Should be a fun time! I cant believe school starts on the 18th. I am not looking forward to them going back. We enjoy doing things together and getting outside.

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I cant believe the summer has gone by so fast. I feel like I get up and the days just fly by. So much as changed. Everyday is something different. Allie started crawling. The babies started eating table food last week. We put a offer on a house. The house sold 30 minutes before we sent the offer. This was my prayer “God I am stupid when it comes to hearing your will over my head. Please either make this happen or slam a door in my face.” He slammed the door! and shut it forever! LOL We still havent sold our house but we dropped the house down so far, I cant eat anything but raimen noodles like college. With babies starting to crawl we have to move!

Ty starts football this week. This should be interesting with the heat wave. Since hubby is at school we shall see how this works.

This past saturday was our Wedding Anniversary. We got to go spend the night and enjoy each others company. We came home today at lunch time. Thanks to a very dear family! We have become really close with this family. They offered to watch all of our kids. Can you believe someone is actually up to that?

Tanners brightness as really shown. Since he doesnt talk very much he has learn sign language. He asked for an apple and I said no. We were getting ready to eat dinner. He found a play like coin on the floor and got really excited! I said what are you going to do with that. He signed drive. I asked where he signed apple. Duh mom I have money now I am going to drive myself to buy an apple. The thought process is so there! Tanner turned 4 last week. We went to chucky cheese. He had a blast.

Tayleigh has grown a foot this summer. I always thought of her as being short. Now I think she might be the tallest girl in her class. She is all legs. She is still enjoying piano and gymnastics.

The babies are huge! I cant believe they will be turning 1 soon. We are starting to plan for their birthday now. So exciting. I have waited for them to taste cake and ice cream. That is a rule in the family. When they turn one they get to taste cake and ice cream for the first time.

Well new pics coming soon!

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I am so sorry it has taken this long to add these pictures. Today I went to the doctors and I have a middle ear infection and a sinus infection. I have felt like crap all day. Thank you so much Lora and my family for coming over to take over. I couldnt take care of the kids today if I tried!

Hope you enjoy the pictures! I love them!

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Easton gave me kisses for the first time yesterday. I leaned over and said give me kisses. He leaned over and kissed me. I was so shocked I thought I was dreaming. Yesterday was also Ty’s last baseball game. They didnt win a game all season. He had a hard time with not winning at least one game. He had to pitch for the first season and overall he did a good job. We are going to send him to a coach over the winter. He had to miss almost a year with me being preggo and the babies. We have showed our house but no offers. I pray one comes soon. It is really hard on the kids with showing the house. I hate it. I have to take time away from the kids to clean. My time is limited as is. I feel horrible for it! So we found out today Bill will be going back to school. He will be gone two days for school. He needs to get a couple of certifications for I.T. This is going to be for a year. I hate that he is going to be gone, but I know this will ensure him a good job within his company. We are losing our respite worker for Tanner. She is getting married and starting a new life! Congrats Lora. We are going to miss you dearly. I dont know how we will ever find someone to replace her.She has become really close to our family.

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Long Weekend!

This past weekend we got a call about someone wanting to see our house Sat at noon. So we worked all night friday and all morning getting it ready. I keep telling myself we are going to keep our house in show mode but I just cant seem to do it. Everytime I turn around something is messed up. They like our house and want to come back. But we havent heard back so I dont know.  Sunday the babies went to get their pictures taken. I think everytime we go for pictures we end up argueing and it becoming a disaster. Is pictures really worth everyone  in the family upset and ruining the whole day. I dont know. Easton screamed most the whole time. (what is new)  Tanner was running off. Tayleigh trying to get into every picture.It was so humid sweat was dripping off me. I had sweating like that. Its just nasty. Monday we went to the pool. This was fun! As we were walking in everyone turned their heads and was watching us make our way to a table with chairs. I was scared the babies would scream since the water was freezing. This was the first year with Tanner walking so I didnt know how he would do. When we put the babies in the pool, they loved it!!! Hartley was just laying back and loved the sun on her. Ella hated when she was splashed. Allie didnt want to fall asleep in the float. Easton just wanted to sleep. Maggie was having a blast eating the float! Overall it was a success! My dad called all 5 floats a floating trailor park. Which was hilarious! Tayleigh and Tanner was just swimming all over the place.

We should get the pictures back soon, cant wait!


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We went to the doctor for our 9 month check up

They are very healthy overall. I love to hear that.

.                            Height                  Weight

Easton                     27″                      17lbs 8ounces

Allie                         25 1/4                 16-9

Ella                          24 1/2                   15-1

Hartley                   24 1/2                 13-10

Maggie                   26                          18-3

We are getting their pictures taken on Sunday. So pictures are coming soon!

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Wow it has been awhile!

Today the family had a dentist appointment. No one has any cavities HOORAY. Lately it has been really hard on the family. My husband has worked more than ever. Friday morning he went in at 7am and left Saturday night at 7 pm. Did not leave to get anything to eat or even take a snooze. So when he got home he slept.  This weekend we didnt get to spend time with one another. Monday he took off just to relax. This is the second week in a row he has lived at work. But this week should be much better since he is not on call.

Maggie has four teeth now. She is ready for a porkchop lol! Ella has a tooth. Everyone else is still drooling. No one is sitting up yet. Everyone except Ella is sleeping in their beds at night. So that is a great transition down the drain.

We are fighting colds right now. With the weather change I am shocked they arent sicker than what they are.

We showed our house on Tuesday. The family loved it but they had to leave early because the school called them with sick kids. So we  are hoping they call back for another showing. Please let this be the one!

Tanner has started saying Moma. This is so special to hear. I love hearing his voice. Ty is reading the book Anne Frank for school. During the book he said he started crying when it mention they were killing all the mentally ill. He couldnt bare hearing that. He said that would be my brother, how dare they. He makes me so proud. He got the results from his testing and he is in the 9th grade level on majority of his work. (he is only in the 4th grade)! He was so proud of himself. Tayleigh brought two 100% on test. This is the first time this year. Gosh I have so much to be proud of. I dont realize how lucky I am to have these children. Sometimes I say to my self this is too much and I feel overwhelmed. But that is just the opposite. I am lucky to have these kids! I dont know where our lives would be without them. They make me a better person and its because of them!

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